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Who We Are

Papa Guru

Founder & CEO

Papa Guru, is a Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Shaman, Alchemist and a practitioner of the Dao and Hermetic Mystical Studies. 

Spending his childhood in the remote woodlands of Costa Rica, he learned the ways of nature, particularly in the use of plants as nourishment and medicine.


Papa Guru’s life has been full of many ups and downs.

Through it all, the desire for spiritual evolution and gaining knowledge through life long practice and study, has never waned. His love for humanity and the growth of consciousness within every being, has led him to dedicate the rest of his life to the planet and the life that dwells within it.

We are all one consciousness.


Co - Founder , CFO & Retreat / Event Director

Aralia specializes in the playful discovery, healing and reparenting of the inner child.

Using her nurturing motherly energy, she connects with Gaia to create the comfort of home. She not only works with the Inner Child in adults, she also works with Children and Teens.

She is a Light Language Channel, Quantum Energy Healer, Writer, Sound & Vibration Therapist and professional singer – healing through her voice.


Born in London, Aralia moved to the United States in 2011. Shortly after, tragedy occurred when in 2016, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After realizing doctors could not heal her, she decided to heal herself.  Today she continues this success by sharing her abilities with the world.

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