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What We Do and Our Why

What We Do

We have created a space where people can come to heal, connect, and transform themselves with the full support of a loving community.


 Humanity is moving towards harmony, love, and unity with itself and nature. We are here to raise the awareness that we are all citizens of this universe and All One Consciousness.

Papa Guru's Why

Aralia's Why

Our Why

We have created simple practical and highly effective techniques to assist with many of the struggles that we all encounter every day. Anxiety, Depression, addictions, disorders, lack of happiness, joy and fulfillment. These qualities are birthrights and can be accessed with the correct guidance and support.

We exist to provide systems and modalities and ways that allow you to connect with your divine highest self. We understand that you are not just a physical being but a spiritual being as well.

Our aim is to help you bridge the gap between these two aspects of yourself. Through our offerings, you can transcend the limitations of your physical body and tap into the infinite wisdom and power of your true self. 

Our Vision

All One Consciousness Foundation assists
individuals on their path to remembering their true
spiritual identity and connection to self.

We provide
programs that utilize the tools of meditation,
conscious breathing, energy healing techniques,
unique courses, plant medicines, events, and
worldwide retreats that align the individual with their
true purpose.

The foundation exists as an authentic
space for the awakening, growth, and evolution of humanity.

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