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What People are saying

Thank you to everyone that took the time to let us know about your experience with All One Consciousness; we are grateful for every one of you.

Thank You

I started a course with papa  Guru last year called "The Art of Hyper Dimensional War"


This course covers so much that I didn't know and has helped me tremendously towards my journey of awakening. It teaches you things you didn't even know you needed to know. Life is quite different now armed with the knowledge that papa guru has provided and positive things are happening faster and faster in my life with more ease armed with this knowledge.


Papa guru is a great teacher very patient and genuinely cares, took time to answer all my questions and makes sure that you understand completely before moving on. 


I am so greatfull. Thank you papa guru for everything. I highly recommend this course to all !! This info is invaluable.


Michelle Korando

San Diego, Ca

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