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We provide the setting, guidance and expertise. Nature provides the medicine and culture to enable you to experience the liberating power of awe and wonder, and most importantly the relief you seek.

Rather than anchor ourselves steadfast to one location, we feel providing varied atmospheric settings for our retreats is more in balance with who we are as spiritual guides.  We also feel hosting in varied locations offer opportunities to voyagers to experience the immense beauty and culture of our magnificant planet with the... support of experienced guides who know the regions and the terrians. 


As travellers, we have also found a heartfelt difference in personal life transformations dependable on locations. What you experience in the Riviera Maya, may be profoundly different than the architectural culture of Spain, as would the vineyards of California in comparison to the vineyards of Italy.  Similar to, a spirit quest in the southwest may offer a new source of enlightenment to add to the wisdom attained in snowy winters of the Canadian Rockies. 

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Green Hills

Take a Breath


These Retreats are For You If:

  • Want to relax with life changing practices such as breath meditation and yoga. 


  • Cease on a great opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded people who are improving their health and well-being including their own unique story to tell.


  • Want to benefit from solutions to health problems such as obesity, diabetes, chronic back pain and arthritis, these benefits stay with you for life


  • Feel stuck, stagnant and disconnected from your relationships, family and other associations


  • Find it is time to a let go of traumatic events and situations. 


  • Desire to find solutions to anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, and life situations that cause a myriad of other disorders.


  • seek a deeper connection with either yourself, others & the world 


  • feel disconnected from life and your spiritual aspects


  • want to break old habits in a supportive environment and even adopt new habits that make a difference to future joy, happiness, health and wellbeing


  • desire to step back, change your routine and look at life in a whole new and positive way.


Wellness Retreats

Our wellness retreats are oases of fun, joy, Mystery, fulfillment and connection. Imagine a safe harbor where you can get away from it all to rejuvenate, and renew.

Psychedelic Retreats

Psychedelics, more appropriately referred to as Entheogens - are a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that are ingested to produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness for spiritual, healing, and therapeutic purposes.

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