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Quantum Energy Clearing

Quantum Energy Clearing

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Quantum Energy Clearing (QEC) is the clearing, cleansing and renewal energy of the universe. Anything that no longer serves you can be cleared REGARDLESS of what it is.

What makes Quantum Clearings extraordinary are the nearly unlimited amount of energies that can be cleared and the possibilities that can be made available.

Reasons for clearing:


  • Emotional Release: Clearing energy blockages can lead to the release of pent-up emotions or unresolved traumas.

  • Physical Healing: By clearing energy blockages, physical ailments can be alleviated.

  • Energetic and spiritual intrusion: psychic attacks, no matter the cause - witchcraft, voodoo, other people, and the environment

  • Release ANYTHING that no longer serves you or is unsuitable for you or your loved ones, such as the negative impact of toxic memories, experiences, relationships, stuck emotions, energy, attachments, unwanted habits, trauma, and more. There are no limits in this regard. 

  • Clear your energy field of any debris or disturbances of any kind.

  • Spiritual Growth:  Increased spiritual awareness and connection.

  • Increased Energy: After a session, individuals often report feeling "lighter," energized, and vibrant after releasing heavy emotional baggage. 

  • Stress Reduction and repair of emotional damage: Our Clearing techniques often bring about a sense of relaxation permanent release and peace.

​The above benefits are a small list of the possibilities that are attainable.​​​


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