All One Consciousness

Papa Guru

Creator of the Quantum Clearing and Energy Healing Therapy System (QCHTS)  

Emotional and Energy Therapy I Shamanic Healing I Inner Child Work I Reprograming and Balancing I Teacher I Alchemist I Herbalist and Plant Medicines I Past Life Regressionist .

Spiritual and Family Mentor and Coach

Master Hypnotherapist Level 4, Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™  I Personalised Meditations and Visualizations


My Story

I have been attracted to the healing arts since I have been old enough to know the meaning of the term. Growing up in Costa Rica I was the kid everyone came to for cuts, sprains and aches of all kinds.


These early beginnings lead me on a path of healing on a deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 


Spending my youth in the remote woodlands of Costa Rica, allowed me the opportunity to study herbs and their uses, past down from my grandmother and great grandmother. 

 Since that time my journey through life has molded me for the work, we do here at Ontology Wellness. Ontology simply means the nature of being.

After university at Columbia College (MO), I then entered the corporate world but never felt like I belonged despite some success.  In 2016, following my spirit I left the corporate world and decided to follow my life’s passion – to serve humanity as a writer, teacher, hypnotherapist and Bioenergy healer. 


Hypnotherapy solutions are extremely effective in relieving the mind of thought forms and energy constructs that do not contribute to joy and fulfillment.  I perform past life regressions, afterlife progressions, quantum release of thought forms, quantum ancestral regression and release – there really are no limits!


Throughout the years I have also studied and practiced many healing modalities, meditation techniques, distance and remote healing work, unique clearings, Shamanic techniques, and energy medicine. Natural plant medicines are also an important and integral part in fostering health and well-being on all levels. 


My studies in the Tao (Dao), mystical studies, kinesiology, and anatomy; have allowed me to master how energy moves within and throughout the body; recognizing blockages, impedances, illness, and dis-ease. On March the 3rd 2016 I completed the invention of the Quantum Energy Clearing and Therapy System (QECTS).


Humanity is now on the precipice of a new era and we must be on the constant ready to aid in this transition. I understand the importance of this mission and founded Ontology in response to the need for better and more effective solutions to the physical and emotional stress we face today. Ontology is an alternative solution based primarily on the need of our client family. It is my dream and desire to be a beneficial presence on the planet.