All One Consciousness


All One Consciousness

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Medical Intuition is a clairvoyant ability to discern or “read” and interpret patterns of energy in the mental, physical, and emotional bodies.


Typically, clients come to Ontology Wellness after they have been everywhere and tried everything but have had all healing possibilities elude them.

All One Consciousness

Our first step together is a scanning of your body and energy field. All that is needed is your name and age. This is completed before we actually meet. 

The reading or intuitive “scan” provides us the information  with a very accurate map of the traumas and traumatic patterns that can affect one’s relationships, career path, physical and emotional health and many other issues in life.

 The second step is a meeting via phone, zoom or in-person. Sessions begin with a brief clearing of the body and environment. we set an intention for healing and for the highest good.  We then move forward with energy medicine, and steps you take to facilitate your healing journey including food, nutrition, physical, mental and emotional steps to take.


Below is a list of physical and/or emotional conditions that can be self-healed with the proper application of holistic (no-harm, non-drug) energy-based techniques. Keep in mind that these methods have been demonstrated to help many conditions that conventional medicine and psychotherapy have been unable to cure:


  • childhood sexual, emotional and/or physical abuse

  • depression, suicidal thoughts (suicidal ideation)

  • anxiety

  • obesity and the underlying traumatic wounding that drives many addictions*
    *Physical cravings for street drugs, (especially opiates,) nicotine or alcohol are rooted in receptor cells in the brain. The anxiety that drives the craving can be lessened or relieved temporarily whenever it surfaces in conjunction with a supervised chemical dependency detox program.

  • some cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • hoarding

  • fears and phobias

  • trauma from being the victim of accidents or crimes, or witnessing something horrific

  • self-esteem issues

  • relationship patterns based in childhood trauma

  • self-sabotage and inability to attain goals

  • fear of or undeserving of success

  • fibromyalgia

  • chronic fatigue

  • migraines

  • non-injury based back, neck or other physical pain

  • “frozen” or numb body parts

  • Insomnia

All One Consciousness

These are just a few of the possibilities. All Sessions can be held in office or remotely through Zoom in the comfort of your home.  So, experience the future of healing and schedule your appointment now or contact us today.